cyberbullying and libel and insanity from Feministe

there is a sleazy website here on wordpress known as Feministe.  within the past few days, Feministe has libeled and viciously attacked the journalist emily yoffe, who had published two articles on Slate, an online publication from the Washington Post, in which she had stressed the importance of women being cautious and careful in the imbibing of alcohol, as alcohol intoxication can result in rape of women:

psychologically disturbed persons, and persons with stunted, low IQs have posted verbal attacks and threats against ms. yoffe on this creepily fanatic website known as Feministe. ms. yoffe was merely discussing a very logical, common-sense issue – women taking personal responsibility by moderating their alcohol intake in order to make themselves less vulnerable to rape – but these fanatical nutcases commenting on Feministe turned their bizarre objections into a paranoid and violently irrational screed, hysterically screaming about crazy things, such as the “infantilization” of women (huh?). very scary and weird.

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