ghostly girl

‘i am a ghostly girl
i am a string of pearls
i am a radio wave’

‘radio wave’

sarah june


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  1. runrunaway says:

    I love your images and I adore Sarah June’s music!! Haunting and always beautiful.

    1. silkyvelvet says:

      Thank you for the kind words, and I’m so glad you like this! I love Sarah June’s music, too; she’s so talented. I really like her voice: very intriguing and haunting.

  2. runrunaway says:

    Once again I totally love the images on your blog. With the exception of the photo of Sarah they are all new to me. Have you listened to Sarah”s 2nd release, “In Black Robes”? I really love it. Wonderful and magical. In just the last few days there was also an album released by a guy that goes by Rat Wakes Red which includes vocals on a song by Hannah. The song is called “Always” and of course Hannah does sound beautiful as Always! I took a look at your Myspace site and it felt very much like I had been there before 🙂

    1. silkyvelvet says:

      “In Black Robes” is brilliant; some of the songs from this album are on Sarah’s MySpace page. I’ve not heard of Rat Wakes Red, so I shall have to research him. As for my profile on MySpace, if it seems familiar to you, then there is a possible connection – I’ve sometimes felt that way about people I’ve never met before.

  3. runrunaway says:

    Yes I agree… with your words on “In Black Robes” and on connections. Regardless it is very nice to have made your acquaintance now.

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